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  Lisa Bailey  
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  Brad Cox  
  599 East Blackbourn St.
Hawkins, TX 75765
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  Commitment to Safety  
  The health and safety of each employee of Bobbitt Construction Inc. is one of primary importance. The Company believes all accidents and injuries are preventable and the Company has a responsibility to provide as safe and healthful a workplace as possible. Safety always takes precedence over production, for no job is too important or rushed that safety be neglected.  
  The Bobbitt Construction Inc. Management Team accepts responsibility and accountability for safety within the Company and provides state of the art equipment, policies, procedures and training to assure work hazards are identified and proper safe work practices are followed. As a Bobbitt Team Member, each supervisor and employee has a personal and vital responsibility to contribute to safe work performance.  
  Employee Selection & Training  
  To further enhance a safe working environment, Bobbitt Construction Inc. screens each new employee to insure the applicant hired meets the experience, physical and mental requirements of the work. The process includes, under ADA guidelines, physical capacity screening, Company and DOT drug and alcohol screening, background screening and, in some cases, equipment operation certification. After successful completion of the selection process, each new employee is given a basic orientation in safe work practices and required safety certifications comprised of OSHA Basic Plus, Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness, Confined Space Awareness and Asbestos Awareness. Bobbitt Construction Inc. also utilizes a Short Service Employee Mentoring Program in which a more experienced employee provides job skill training and performance evaluation.  
  Safety Management  
  The Bobbitt Construction Inc. Safety Team is comprised of professionals whose core desire is to stay incident free. The Team has over 20 years of field support and management experience in Safety and Health. The Team possesses a wide range of certificates in various areas of safety. The Team also provides statistical trend and cost analysis, First Aid/CPR, Job Safety Analysis, job site observations, Near Miss reporting, incident/accident investigations with root cause analysis, which is reviewed by the Bobbitt Construction Inc. senior management. The Safety Team remains current with governmental regulatory changes and recommends policy and procedural revisions as necessary. They are also instrumental in the development of Project Safety Plans, which outline specific project safety hazards and provide safe work procedures for each.  
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